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i have a question that say on a cart for each section:

In the first column, write notes to describe how the inventions and trends of the 1920s changed american life. in the second column write the name of a related company or product that contributed to the boom of the 1920s.

my cart is like this

>inventions or trend

1. automobiles
2. airplane industry
3. alternating electrical current
4. modern advertising
5. installment plan

>effects of the invention or trend for each one of the (inventions or trend)

>company or product " " " ^ " "

please help i look in the book and nothing

  • us.history - ,

    1. automobiles
    * let people travel farther and faster
    * Ford

    You can Google the other inventions and trends to find the other information.

  • us.history - ,

    2. airplanes
    allow for faster shipping
    No specific company

  • us.history - ,

    what effects of the modern advertising
    invention or trend?

  • us.history - ,

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  • us.history - ,

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