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Posted by Sara on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 7:32pm.

What do these words mean: entrepreneur, economic imperialists, capitalist, Rupert's land, depot, cooperage, pemmican. Describe what is meant by "mutual dependency." Describe what happened in 1783 and why.

Entrepreneur: one who carries out a business

Economic imperialists: Economic domination

Capitalist: a person with capital, or money, to invest

Rupert's land: the territory given to the HBC

Depot: a storehouse

Cooperage: a place to make barrels and casks

Pemmican: a mixture of buffalo meat and fat

In 1783 The North West Company was found. It was formed by Scottish and American entrepreneurs who took over the French fur trade after the fall of France.

I don't know what mutual dependency means. Did I answer the last part correctly? Your help is appreciated. Thank You in advance.

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