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a) find the equation of AB, the perpindicular bisector of the line joining the points P(-3,1) and Q(1,9)
(line AB intersects the point at midway of PQ)

b) C is the centre of a circle passing through P and Q. given that QC is parralel to the yaxis, determine theequation of the circle.

(c) the tangents at P and Q intersect at T

(1) find the equation of the tangent at Q

(2) the coordinates at C

i know that it is difficult to answer this question without a diagram so i am leaving my email address here so anywone that is kind enough to help someone who is on the verge of sitting his exams and requiring urgent help..if you can sent me a short message just saying that you are willing to help me then i will definietly sent you a copy of my question..... just remember that i will always be grateful for helping me

my email is adilahmed1 at the rate of btinternet com

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