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Posted by Mary on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 11:38pm.

This question deals with Exponential Growth and Decay Test. Question:Consider the following:Start by tossing 30 dice. Then remove the dice that show 5s and 6s and toss the remaining dice. Repeat this process until you only have 2 dice remaining. The data in the table were collected by running the above experiment.

Toss Number = 0,# of dice remaining=30
Toss Number = 1,# of dice remaining=20
Toss Number = 2,# of dice remaining=15
Toss Number = 3,# of dice remaining=11
Toss Number = 4,# of dice remaining=8
Toss Number = 5,# of dice remaining=6
Toss Number = 6,# of dice remaining=4
Toss Number = 7,# of dice remaining=3
Toss Number = 8,# of dice remaining=2

Estimate the best function rule to model this data. Give your answer in the form of y=a(b^x)

(^x meaning exponent)

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