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Interpersonal Communcation (Check)

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1.The relationship between language and meaning is often unclear and difficult because: My answer is C

the sentences we create are very rarely unique
even speech communities do not have common grammatical rules
language is innate
words have both denotative and connotative meaning

2.If instead of saying "The car was wrecked" you say, "The left fender was busted by a hit-and-run driver," you are using: My answer is A

3. Using the words "patches of different colors" instead of "variegated" when talking with a 5-year-old is a matter of word: My answer is either A or D


4. Saying "Jordan is a really good female chef" is an example of: My answer is C

generic construction
unnecessary association

5. If the new diet worked for Dave and Sarah, it will probably work for us as well. This is most likely an example of:My answer is C


  • Interpersonal Communcation (Check) -

    1. Rethink this.

    2. Rethink this.

    3. Which one? A or D?

    4. Rethink this.

    5. True -- but it could also be generalization.

  • Interpersonal Communcation (Check) -

    1. If someone says to you, "You dirty rat!" does that mean that they actually think you are a rodent? (D)

    2. Which statement is clearer about what occurred? (C)

    3. Why would the child understand the first phrase better? What terms do they think in? (C/D) If their thinking is more concrete, that statement would be more appropriate for their level of thinking.

    4. To indicate that Jordan is a good chef, is it necessary to indicate that she is female? If you are indicating that good chefs are male and Jordan is is an exception, it would be C. However, I could also see it as an unnecessary assumption.

    5. A generalization is an assumption that if something applies to one situation, it can be applied to others. I agree with Writeacher.

    I hope this helps a little more.

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