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The Florida Lottery is made up of the numbers 1-49. My mother has observed that the winning numbers many times are prime numbers.

1.List the prime numbers from 1-49:

2.What is the probability of a prime number being picked randomly from the numbers 1-49?

3.Is the probability of picking a prime number greater than picking a number that is not prime?

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    1. ... easy, just list them, 2 is the first prime, 47 the last.

    2. Put the number from 1) over 49

    3. take 1 - (answer from 2)

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    I just felt like asking what are the numbers because Reiny really didn't help so LIST the numbers instead of telling how to do it

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    In sohcol Math wasn't my favourite subject but I now realise its importance in everyday life and enjoy it much more. Do you recommend any books on math for everyday situations?

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