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A rifle with a mass of 2.0kg is used to fire a bullet with a mass of 50.g. The bullet leaves the gun with a speed of 200. m/s. What is the recoil velocity of the gun?

  • physics -

    Use the law of conservation of momentum. The bullet and the gun will have equal and opposite momenta right after the bullet leaves the rifle.

    2.0 * Vrecoil = 0.05 kg * 200 m/s

    Solve for Vrecoil

  • physics -

    commanly the formula is: *m1u1+m2u2+m1v1+m2v2*
    substitute the values according to this formulae.
    This data can be likely:
    mass of rifle=m1=2.0kg
    mass of bullet=m2=50g=kg= 50/1000=0.05kg
    velocity of gun=v1=0m/s
    velocity of recoil of gun=v2=?

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