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Outline the results of fur trade from the points of view of both the French traders and the Native peoples whom they encountered.

Before men from France used to come to North America as traders. They would buy fur from the natives and pay for the fur with tools and weapons. The Irouquois had control over much of the fur trade. They had begun to set higher prices and cut french profits. For the next 25 years little changed. However, in 1661, an appeal to France from New France met with success. Louis XVI, now king of france, and his minister Jean-Baptise Colbert were determined to make the colony stronger and profitable. France attacked the Iroquois villages with professional soldiers. Both parties got what they wanted. The French would open up fur trade to the west for themselves and the Iroquois could devote their enemies to expanding their territory elsewhere. In 1663 the govnt of France made New France a royal colony. Jean talon soon established lumber mills, a tannery, and brewery in Canada. This made trade within the French empire easier, and life in the colony more comfortable. Lots of improvements in France were made which turned France completely stronger, and self-sufficient.

Ms. Sue please tell me if this is right. Your help is appreciated, thanks

  • Socials-Ms. Sue -

    Your first sentence doesn't make any sense.

    You really didn't answer the questions.

    How did the fur trade change the lives of the Native peoples?

    How did the fur trade change the lives of the French traders?

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