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[from the Odyssey]
3. Which of the following of Odysseus's actions is MOST characteristic of an epic hero?
a. he and his men plunder Cicones and enslave its women
b. he tells Polyphemus that his name is "Nohbdy"
c. He taunts Polyphemus after escaping from the Cyclops's cave.
d. He allows Circe to persuade him to stay with her
Not sure...?

5. All of the following are themes of The Odyssey except
a. loyalty to family and friends
b. the cost of ambition
c. overcoming obstacles
d. the relationship between humans and gods

8. The climax of chapter 6 in Animal Farm occurs when
a. Snowball's footprints are discovered near the windmill
b. the pigs move into the farmhouse
c. the harvest is taken in
d. the windmill falls down

10. The animal who shows the clearest understanding of how things have gone wrong in Animal Farm is
a. Boxer
b. the cat
c. Clover
d. Muriel
I'm stuck between A and C


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