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Posted by bubble on Friday, January 15, 2010 at 2:16am.

The Rydberg equation (1/lambda=R/ni^2–R/nf^2) can be treated as a line equation. What is the value of nf as a function of the slope (m) and y-intercept(b)?

by GC 1/lambda = R/ni^2–R/nf^2
y = mx + b (standard form) of a linear equation)
x = (y-b)/m
y = 1/lambda
m = -R
x = 1/nf^2
b = R/ni^2
1/nf^2 = [(1/lamda)-(R/ni^2)]/(-R)
Solve for nf
i still don't get how you get rid of y and x to get m and b in the end

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