April 17, 2014

Homework Help: plagiarism am i correct? plz help

Posted by scooby on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 7:22pm.

answer True or False to the following statements.
It is plagiarism if
1. only one or two words in a sentence found in a textbook are changed without using quotation marks. (false)
2. it is my own original idea. (true)
3. information is used directly from a journal article or magazine with only minor changes to the wording and quotation marks and citations are not used. (false)
4. information about the source used is not accurate. (false)
5. an essay from an Internet Web site is purchased and used. (true)
6. an incorrect citation is used so that the reader cannot locate the source. (false).
7. you use another studentís work as your own. (true)
8. direct quotations are used with quotation marks, citations, and references.(true)
9. information is included in the paper that is common knowledge but it does not appear within quotation marks or have a citation. (True)
10. information from an Internet source is used with quotation marks and a citation that includes a paragraph number. (true)
11. it is done unintentionally. (true)

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