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Environmental science

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i'm a little unsure about my answers for these questions. Can someone please check them for me?, thanks.:

15. All of the following are major interactions between species EXCEPT
a. competition and mutualism
b. predation and parasitism
c. commensalism and competition
d. adaption and dispersion


21. Which of the following is one of the main properties used to describe a population?
a. number of individuals
b. variations in hybrids
c. number of species
d. kind of adaptions



10. Each of the following is an example of a parasite EXCEPT
a. a roundowrm in a human's intestine
b. a cow in a pasture
c. a tick on a cat
d. mistletoe on a tree


Thank you once again

  • Environmental science -

    I agree with your first two answers.

    But rethink the meaning of parasite for your last answer. You may also want to look up mistletoe.

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