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so here i am doing my hw worksheet on the ideal gas law/ghram's law ad i have gotten to this one problem where i am totally stuck and confused. Please help me by telling me how to set this up and giving me tips, if necessary.

What is the mass(in grams) of ammonia gas(NH{tiny #3at the bottom},17g/mole contained in a 4.00 flask at 32.5 degrees Celsius and 1.6atm?

  • chemistry -

    PV = nRT
    P = 1.6 atm
    V = 4.00 L or whatever unit you didn't type in.
    R = 0.08206 L-atm.
    T = 273 + 32.5 = ??K
    n = solve for this.
    Then n = grams/molar mass
    You know n from above, grams is what you want and molar mass NH3 = 17 g/mole.

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