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Chemistry (PLS HELP ASAP)

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What is the molecular weight of a gas if a 15.0g sample has a pressure of 836 mm Hg at 25.0 degrees C in a 2.00 L flask?

e)none of the above

Please explain... I need to understand how to do this. Thanks.

I know that I have to use PV=nRT, then solve for n grams/molar mass
And, I know that:
P=1.1 atm
V=2.00 L
R= I think .0821
T= ?

I have no idea how to change 15.0g to moles, since I do not know what the element is to look at the atomic mass--I know that one mole is avagadro's number, but I'm still really not sure what to do here.

Please help...

  • Chemistry (PLS HELP ASAP) -

    Yes this is correct approach

    Use PV=nRT

    if you are using R=0.082 057 46 then the units are L  atm  K^−1  mol^−1, so you need to use P in atm which you have done. The tempaeratue needs to be in K rather than deg C.

    once you have found n (number of moles)

    then the molecular mass (RMM) is found from


    n you have calculated above and mass is given in the question.

  • Chemistry (PLS HELP ASAP) -

    OK... so I found the temp to be 298, and the moles (n) = .0089921441, but now you are saying to find the molecular mass...what is RMM? and where do I go from here?

  • Chemistry (PLS HELP ASAP) -

    Sorry, MM is the molecular mass or 'molecular weight'. Molecular weight tends not to be used as it is a rather old fashioned term. Weight has units of newtons which can be confusing.

    In the above if you divide 1.5 g by your figure of 0.0089921441 mole (you forgot the leading zero) you will get the molecular mass (g mol^-1).

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