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Public Speaking Please Check

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1. (TCO1) The route used to transmit messages is known as: my answer:decoding


2. (TCO1) As Claire tells about her trip to the museum, she notices Emma and Brian yawning. The information that Claire is receiving is known as: My answer: semantics


3. (TCO1) You are sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture and the fluorescent light bulb is flickering which you find distracting. This is an example of:
My answer is physical noise

psychological noise
selective noise
physical noise
semantic noise

4. (TCO1) You buy a new car and you ask your neighbor, whom you respect, if he thinks you made a good purchase. The primary function of this communication exchange is:
My answer is to influence others

to get your social needs met
to influence others
to enhance and maintain your sense of self
to develop relationships

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    I don't know about 1 and 3, but 2 and 4 are definitely wrong.

    Please go back and check these definitions in your text materials.

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    for number four. is it to enhance and maintain your sense of self

    and number two. feedback?

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    Yes, I would choose those two. For the others, see this site.

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    1. Channel
    2. feedback
    3. physical noise
    4. Enhance self

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