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college math for teachers

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Use the following sets to complete the givien statements in as many ways as possible.
a= a,b,c,d
b= e,f
d= 1,2,3,4

A. Sets _ and _ are not equivalent and not equal
B. Sets _ and _ are not equivalent but are equal.
C. Sets _and _ are equivalent but not equal
D. Sets _ and _ are equivalent and equal.

I just need you to check my answers.
A. A,b
B. impossible because all equal sets are equivalent
C. C,D
D. A,C
Do I have these right thanks

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    D is right, equivalent and equal
    C is right, equivalent, but not equal
    B correct. Has to be equivalent before it can be equal
    A correct, but other answers are b,c or b,d

  • college math for teachers -

    Thanks I was hopeing I understood this right thanks again

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