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Posted by Franco on Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 12:32pm.

1) He wonders whether he should make a stand (do you know a synonym?) against the mass of troubles and by doing so put an end to them. Hamlet is aware (realises??) that the end of the troubles can be brought about either by killing the king or by taking his own life.
2) The idea of death as a sleep is a concept with which his audience was already familiar (can you say which...... with?)
In the Bible death is usually referred to as sleep (or as a sleep?=
3) He wonders whether there will be dreams after death. It is for this reason (is there a better way of expressing it) that men are so reluctant to take their own life and prefer to bear (would rather bear???) these earthly sorrows than fly to others they do not know of (is this correct?)
4) The fear of something after death (can you say the doubt that there may be something after death), expressed by (or in??) the image of the undiscovered country from whose bourn (is boundary a synonym?) no traveller returns, puzzles him. It is their moral conscience, what (?) prevents men, and therefore Hamlet, from committing suicide (or prevents self-destruction ?)
5) It will take only a small knife to bring relief (is there a better way of expressing it??)
6) He thinks of the insults which those who are good and quiet take (or the insults which are inflicted to those who ...) from those who are unworthy.
7) For my main course (or as my main course)I'd like (I'll have??)
8) Do you know a synonym for drop something on the floor (Ex Someone pushes you and let you drop something on the floor.
9) Do you know a synonym for pour something over .... (Ex. He poured his milk shake over me

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