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Posted by Franco on Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 12:11pm.

Can you check the following e-mail for me, please?
1)I am terribly sorry for e-mailing you your new timetable for the period .. later than I promised you
2)As the 8th December and the 5th January were holidays, you will have to catch up two hours in the second A and E respectively.
3)You will probably catch them up with the class IIE on Thursdays 25th January and 11th February (from 9.45 to 10.55) and with the I E on Fridays 26th Janary and 12th Febraury.
4) Your support teacher informed me that you will have to do hours of conversation with the students preparing for the PET when the classes are away on their skiing holidays.
5) We'll be seeing students from other classes but your timetable won't change.
(That's why your new timetable will probably last a week longer till 14 February). Let me know if I made any mistake in planning your new timetable
Have a nice weekend
Can you also checj the grammar in the following sentences?
1) Let me explain you (and not to you?) the meaning of this sentence
2) Avoid writing long-winded (?) sentences (meaning being too wordy) and try to use your own words instead of your book's one.
3) Do not wander (stray) from the point and do not include unessential details
4) Your paragraph is almost correct from a grammatical point of view but the word choice is often wrong
5) I worked in a gym for a year (can you omit for)
6) I calculate (is there a better verb) half a point for each mistake you have made. To get a pass mark you will have to write two third of your exercises correctly (???)
7) He is living in Los Angeles with his family. With is he living with? Can you just say: who with? in the question? or With whom? Can you omit verb and subject
8) She has got red dyed hair (is the adjective order correct?)

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