February 26, 2017

Homework Help: algebra

Posted by S on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 11:39pm.

I just need a quick check before I hand in my work if you would...Thanks.

1. I am to use the intercepts to graph the equation x+3y=6
I used the formula y=mx+b using 3 and -6 for x I got these as my ordered pairs to graph (3, 1), (-6, 4)…Is this correct?

2. Multiply -2/1*(-6/1): I got 12

3. Solve 3+4x<27 I got <6

4. Solve the compound inequality: 6>-4x+5 or 9 <(or equal to)-4x+2
My answer was (-oo,-7/4]u(-1/4,oo)

5. Is (5, 2) a solution to 4x-2y=-6 I said no

7. Solve using elimination: 5r-3s=11
3r+5s=61 I got (7, 8)

8. Graph using slope and y intercept: y=4/3x+3 I graphed (0, 3) and (3, 7)

9. Solve using elimination
I got 0…there is no solution

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