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Is (5,2) a solution of 4x-2y=-6
I said no, am I right?

I am working on another problem where they want to know if this system of equations is perpendicular or parallel or neither,5x+4y=2, 4x-5y=4 I said neither. Is this right?

I am to solve by using elimination: 2x+3y=1, 4x+6y=2
I keep getting o, no solution. What am I doing wrong?

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    #1 is cirrect

    #2 is incorrect. The lines are perpendicular because the product of the slopes (-5/4 and 4/5) is -1.

    #3 You are doing nothing wrong. The two equations are really the same line. There is no UNIQUE solution; there are an infinite number. x = 1/2, y = 0 would be one of them. y = 1/3, x = 0 would be another.

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