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If I have two plants with the genotypes Rrtt and rrTt where red color(R) is dominant over white(r) and being tall(T) is dominant over being short(t).If I complete a Punnet square, will it look loke this:
R r r r
t Rt rt T rT rT
t rt rt t rt rt
How can I diagram a cross between these plants(this is dihybrid cross)with sixteen boxes?What could be the possible genotypes and phenotypes from this cross?
Thanks a lot for helping!

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    The only possibilities for the first plant are Rt and rt. Put that across the top. The only possibilities for the second plant are rT and rt. Put those on the side. You can determine the total possible combinations within a four-box diagram. This will give you the genotypes. From them, you can determine the phenotypes.

    I hope this helps.

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