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First Nations Assignment
Fact Chart

Food = Corn, Beans, Tobacco, Sunflower, Squash

Shelter = longhouses, hearths

Clothing =

Social Organization = Matrilineal & Matrilocal

Government ceremony = Civil chief directed normal activities of the clan. Military chief was in charge of settling conflicts with other groups.

I think I may have switched the Government ceremony information with the Social Organization. I don't know If I have put the correct information in for those 2.

Would these go anywhere: The Iroquois had a three level system of government-town, tribal, and confederacy.

On a regular basis, councils would be held to discuss matters concerning the entire group, and each town would send representatives to this council. The nations of the Iroquois cooperated as much as possible. Matters concerning the entire nation would be discusssed at a confederacy council, and each tribe would send representatives to this council. At all levels, decisions were made democratically and the opinion of the majority was heard.

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    Your notes for social organization and government ceremony are right.

    That seems to be enough, and you don't need to include the other information unless you want to add to the government category.

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    thanks, my text didn't have any info on clothing, do you know what they wore?

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    You're welcome.

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