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Posted by Franco on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 1:31pm.

1)Don’t use plastic bags but you must use….. (but use …… instead?)
2)He enjoyed the results of his experiments until he murdered an old man
3)He had to find which of/among Mr Williams’s servants had stolen a ring from..
4)Civil rights for black Americans or of Black Americans
5)He said that all people, whites or blacks, have the same civil rights (should have the same ..?)
6)He knocked against the clock (correct: knocked down or over?)
7)We can use human tissue to experiment new drugs
8)I use the Internet to chat with my friends on the social network (????)
9)She all times improves (she improves all the times??)
10)She refused to give up the seat on which she was sat (sitting)
11)Animal testing means to cancel the right to life of animals (or cancelling??)
12)He downloads the answers onto his computer
13) A bandage covered in or with blood
14) He started the experiment (he did the experiment?)
15) The transformations occurred involuntarily without taking the drug

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