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Posted by Franco on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 9:33am.

1)A considerate person is someone that (or only who is possible) always thinks of others
2)In Montgomery , Alabama, black people were not allowed to do a lot of things, for example go to restaurants, sit in the front of buses (is for example correct: can I use such as to go to restaurants??)
3)He didn’t want a law that fight black people (a law segregating black people???)
4)He was sent to earth from the planet Krypton (is from correct?)
5)The clock fell on the roof of the car (but also landed on the roof?)
6)It jumped onto the CD player (is “on” possible?)
7)Animal testing isn’t a necessary evil since the result on an animal (better the response of an animal?) can be different from the result on people (or on a human/humans?)
8)I use the Internet for school research but I don’t cheat all the words but I change the words of the test with my words (How can this sentence be improved? I don’t copy the content words for words but I try to express myself in my own words)
9)They introduced a ten-pence tax per plastic bag and their use was reduced by (or cut down?) by 90% (Can you also say “fell” by..)
10)He involuntarily transformed into Hyde (is the position of the adverb correct?)
11)In the Atacama desert and not in the desert of Atacama
12)He couldn’t see his visitor but only a bandage hanging on air and covered in blood, but empty (or an empty bandage hanging in the air )
13)She refused to stand up from her seat (is from correct? Could you say get up from?)
14)A white man wanted her seat because the others were full (is it OK)
15)to fight for equality and civil rights for blacks (is “for” correct?)
16)Equality and love between white and black Americans was (and not “were”??) king’s key-message in his speech
17)There was a strong pull on the rope (is on correct). It was Joe, who was pulling him off the mountain (pull off correct?). He wasn’t strong enough to hold his friend (hold?) and decided to cut the rope.
18)He arrived at the camp after four days without food and water (or without any food or water)
19)They send him the answers and he hands them in to his teacher (is hand in correct?)
20)The clock smashed through the window, fell down on the roof of the car (or fell onto the roof…)
21)You can use biodegradable bags that after the use you can put in the ground and after 18 months they’ll not be again??? (that if put in the ground they can disappear after …..??)
22)to separate the good from the evil (better the good and the evil sides of his personality??)
23)He liked transforming (and not to transform) himself into Mr Hyde because he hadn’t control of himself (because he had no control on himself?)
24)His evil had killed … (his evil side?)
25)He lost his control (control of his double personality??)
26)She was seating on a bus (correct: she was sitting on a bus)
27)Her answer was “no”. (instead of she she refused to…)
28)The movement was founded (is set up also correct? What are other synonyms)
29)he decided to combat the evil (is combat correct?)
30)he arrived at the camp by himself by moving (or by crawling acroos the ice)
31)how could you correct the following sentence? Even God in the Genesis told that the human race would command the animal (said that the human race would command the animal one??)
32)technology of our day (Current or present technology) can be used instead of animal testing to test beauty products

Thanks a lot.

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