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If I wanted to right

SIGMA F = ma

in the proper notation
what would I put above and below SIGMA

Would I put a lower case "n" above SIGMA and "i = 0" below it and then put a subscript "i" under the "F"

thank you I have been woundering about this as it makes sense to include these in stuff like stats so I do not see why we don't include them in physics can you please tell me what goes above and below SIGMA in this situation?


  • Physics -

    Typically sigma F is taken to mean the sum of all the forces acting on an object. It does not require sub- or super-scripts to denote specifically the forces it includes, unless you wish to specify some but not all of the forces. Then you could label the forces F1, F2, etc. and describe them as such.

  • Physics -

    The start and end are included in math to specify the terms used. For example, if you are given a sequence with terms described by a(n), then SIGMA from i = 0 to 5 describes the sum [ f(0) + f(1) + ... + f(5)]. Similarly, SIGMA from i = 0 to infinity describes the sum of all of the terms above and including i = 0.

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