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The driver accelerates a 240.0 kg snowmobile, which results in a force being exerted that speeds up the snowmobile from 6.00 m/s to 28.0 m/s over a time interval of 60.0 s.

b. What is the snowmobile's change in momentum? What is the impulse on the snowmobile?
c. What is the magnitude of the average force that is exerted on the snowmobile?
I don't understand how to solve this problem exactly, I little confused

  • Physics -

    final momentum = 240*28 = 6720 kg m/s
    original momentum = 240*6 = 1440 kg m/s

    change in momentum = 6720-1440 = 5280 kg m/s

    impulse = average force * time = change in momentum
    so impulse = 5280 kg m/s

    average force = (change in momentum or impulse)/time

    = 5280 kg m/s / 60 s = 88 kg m/s^2 or Newtons

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