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Posted by Franco on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 9:34am.

1) At first he lowered his friend on his rope down the mountain (is it correct to use lower) but as his friend was pulling him off the mountain he decided to cut the rope.
2) He decided to cut the rope so as not to fall off the mountain (is "so as not" correct; what is the difference between fall off and fall down the mountain??)
3) He has his homework done by an online homework agency ( is "have s. done" correct?)
4) He uses the internet to send his homowork to an agency..., that does it for him ( can use be followed by the infinitive in this case?)
5) When Martin Luther King expressed his wish (and hope) for a better world, shouldn't I report his dream using "He wished that in the future...+ would" (instead of "wanted that or dreamed that ...."
6)By introducing a ten-pence bag tax the Irish government obtained a reduction of 90% on the use of plastic bag (and NOT obtained 90% of reduction??)
7)A loyal person never leaves (and NOT qUIT???)the people he loves alone
8)He wanted to divide (is "split up" possible?) good and evil (Or the good and evil sides of human personality)
9) In the 50s there were discrimination laws against black people (is "blacks" also correct?)
10)to proceed on the ice is a synonym for to move on the ice?
11) I can use (is UTILIZE possible) plastic bags many times
12)The only way to stop the transformation was killing himself (is the gerund correct??)
13) He discovered that the voice was of the invisible man (OR is it better to say: he discovered it was the voice of the invisible man?)
14) By jumping onto a table the cat knocked over a clock (are "bump" or "hurt" synonyms for knock over?)
15) From that moment onwards (or on) he wasn't able to control ...
16) He had to decide whether to cut the rope and live or hold it and die (is the use of whether correct???)
17) He dreamt that his children would live.... (is it possible????)

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