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AP Chemistry

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I am doing a lab on finding the molecular mass of a volatile liquid.
I first need to find the volume of water in the test tube. (V= m/d)
... but how do I find the density of the water in the first place to use it in the equation?
(I am not given the volume (it's what i'm trying to find)
-- all i have is the mass of the water

I'm so lost right now.
Thanks for the help!!!

  • AP Chemistry -

    you have to know that the density of water is 1g/mL

  • AP Chemistry -

    The density of water of 1.00 g/mL is a relatively safe number to use. If you are running an extremely accurate assessment for the molecular mass, you read the temperature of the water with a thermometer and look up the density of water in a set of tables corresponding to that temperature. Here is a site that gives density versus temperature up to about 30 C or so.

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