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1. A toy of height 18.4 cm is balanced in front of a converging lens. An inverted, real image of height 33 cm is noticed on the other side of the lens. What is the magnification of the lens?

2. A convex lens or a magnifying glass is held 2.00 cm above a page to magnify the print. If the image produced by the lens is 3.60 cm away and virtual, what is the focal length of the magnifying glass?

3. A camera with a 200mm lens (focal length) makes a real image of a bird on film. The film is located 201 mm behind the lens. Determine the distance from the lens to the bird.

4. An object 5.50cm high is placed 100 cm from a converging lens that has a focal length of 40.0 cm.
a. Calculate the image distance
B.Calculate the image height

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