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physics electricity

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An electric force moves a charge of +1.65 multiplied by 10-4 C from point A to point B and performs 6.40 multiplied by 10-3 J of work on the charge.

(a) What is the difference (EPEA - EPEB) between the electric potential energies of the charge at the two points?
(b) Determine the potential difference (VA - VB) between the two points.
(c) State which point is at the higher potential.

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    (a) Work done by the field is MINUS the change of potential energy.
    So the EPE change is -6.40*10^-3 J
    Since they are asking for EPEA - EPAB, that is +6.40*10^-3 J.

    (b) Divide the previous answer by the charge, 1.64*10^-4 C

    (c) Point A has higher potential, since work was done on a positive charge going from A to B

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