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Homework Help: Lesson 4 Poetry, Part 1

Posted by ari on Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 7:11pm.

1. Walt Whitman’s excerpt from Song of Myself can be considered
an expression of
A. populism. C. imagism.
B. romanticism. my answer D. conventionalism.

2. Which one of the following poems has the rhyme scheme
AA BB CC DD . . .?
A. “since feeling is first”
B. “Misgivings ”my answer
C. From To the Right Honourable William, Earl of Dartmouth
D. From Song of Myself

3. Which one of the following poems is written in syllabics?
A. From To the Right Honorable William, Earl of Dartmouth My answer
B. “since feeling is first”
C. “Ars Poetica”
D. “I Sit and Look Out”

4. According to Archibald MacLeish, a poem should
A. celebrate the poet.
B. be, not mean. my answer
C. oppose tyranny.
D. not feel obliged to follow the rules of syntax.

5. Syntax refers to
A. the rules for writing a proper sentence.
B. the process of opposing authority and convention.
C. an attempt to imitate reality.My answer
D. returning to one’s place of birth.

6. The phrase “my blood approves” is an example of
A. argument. C. paradox.
B. personification. D. answer

7. Of the poets you read in this lesson, which one believed in “nature without check”?
A. Robinson Jeffers C. Frances E.W. Harper
B. e. e. cummings D. Walt Whitmanmy answer

8. Which poet in this lesson called human cities “thickening center; corruption”?
A. Robinson Jeffers my answer C. Carl Sandburg
B. Frances E.W. Harper D. e. e. cummings

9. Which two poets wrote about slavery?
A. e. e. cummings and Archibald MacLeish
B. Phillis Wheatley and Frances E.W. Harper my answer
C. Walt Whitman and Herman Melville
D. Carl Sandburg and Robinson Jeffers

10. The poem “Chicago” is written in
A. syllabics. my answer C. blank verse. my answer
B. iambic pentameter. D. free verse.

11. Which one of the following lines is written in iambic pentameter?
A. “Between the dark and the daylight”
B. “I lift my lamp beside the golden door”
C. “Among twenty snow mountains” my answer D. “Make me a grave where’er you will”

12. “since feeling is first” is best described as a _______ poem.
A. reflective my answer C. narrative
B. discursive D. descriptive
13. In “Chicago,” the phrase “City of the Big Shoulders” is a
A. metaphor. C. narrative.
B. simile. D. discourse.

14. Which one of the following poems follows a patterned rhyme?
A. “Chicago” C. “I, Too”
B. “I Sit and Look Out” D. “Bury Me in a Free Land” my answer

15. Which one of the following dramatic poems is answering someone else’s question?
A. From Song of Myself my answer
B. From To the Right Honourable William, Earl of Dartmouth
C. “Bury Me in a Free Land”
D. “Shine on, Perishing Republic” my answer

16. Which poet “sees, hears, and is silent”?
A. Phillis Wheatley C. Carl Sandburg
B. Walt Whitman my answer D. Robinson Jeffers

17. “Ars Poetica” compares poems to
A. folk songs. my answer C. women.
B. things people can touch. D. cities.

18. What does the speaker in From Song of Myself sit and observe?
A. The moonlight through the trees my answer
B. The hustle and bustle of Chicago street life
C. The effects of slavery my answer
D. A blade of grass

19. “My soul has grown deep like the rivers” is an example of
A. a metaphor. C. a paraphrase.
B. a simile. D. irony. my answer

20. “since feeling is first” contrasts
A. the ancient and the modern.
B. sight and touch. my answer
C. passion and logic.
D. people and animals

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