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My little brother needs help on this worksheet. And I have no clue.

1. For waves that travel with the same speed, wavelengths increases as frequency ______.

2. Radiant energy decreases as _________ increases.

B1b. The radio waves from the ________ antenna can cause electrons in another piece of metal, such as a receiving antenna, to move up and down, creating an alternating current.

B1c. The ________ can be used to produce sound from the loudspeaker, allowing for the transmission of music, television shows, and telephone signals

B2. _______ have a higher frequency and shorter wavelengths than radio waves; they are used for some phone calls and to heat food.

B3. _______ uses electromagnetic waves to locate objects by measuring the time it takes for the waves to reach the object, be reflected, and return.

C. ________ have wavelengths between one thousandth and 0.7 millionths of a meter and feel warm and hot.

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    1. decreases
    2. reflectivity
    The answer could also be wavelength, but only in the long-wavelength limit.
    B1b. transmitting
    B1c. oscillations
    B2. microwaves
    B3. radar
    C. infrared radiation (has, not have)

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