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five forces are acting on a point p they are 60N at 90 degree, 40N at o degree, 80 N at 270 degree, 40N at 180 degree , ad 5o N at 60 degree what is the madnitude and direction of the vectors that would produce equilibrium at point p?

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    You can solve the problem with the following steps:

    1. Resolve each force into the x- and y-directions.

    2. Sum each of the x- and y-components to get the resultant components.

    3. Combine the two resultant components into a single force using vector addition, i.e. use Pythagoras for the magnitude, calculate angle using atan(y/x). Be careful with the angle which can range from -180° to 180°. Work that out according to the sign of y and of x to find the quadrant the resultant belongs.

    4. The required force that maintains equilibrium is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the resultant obtained in (3) above.

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