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I'm stuck between two answers on this question, and was wondering if someone could help me out. My textbook isn't really clear on the answer either, so I will highlight parts of the paragraphs I read that led me to the answers I'm stuck on.

I'd really appreciate it if Ms. Sue would answer this one. Thanks in advance! =)

How did Woodrow Wilson's reform platform during the 1912 campaign differ from that of Theodore Roosevelt?

A. Wilson supported federal regulation of business.
B. Wilson promised to preserve free economic competition.
C. Wilson supported tariff reduction.
D. Wilson promised to enforce antitrust laws.

I'm stuck between C and D.

For C, the book says:

"Woodrow Wilson, governor of New Jersey, headed the Democratic ticket. Like Roosevelt, Wilson ran on a reform platform. Unlike Roosevelt, he criticized both big business and big government. As part of his New Freedom policy, he promised to enforce antitrust laws without threatening free economic competition."

And for D, the book states:

"Wilson also lowered many tariffs and instituted major financial reforms. In 1913 he helped establish the Federal Reserve System, which reorganized the federal banking system as follows: . . ."

Thanks for the help once again!

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    From what you've copied from your book, it would seem that B (preserve free economic competition) or D (enforce antitrust laws), would both be good answers. However, what does your book say about Roosevelt's campaign platform? Did he promise just one of these?

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