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Homework Help: French-Sra

Posted by Anna on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 2:17pm.

Thanks Sra for helping me with my post yesterday. I also think that question is asking me to only compare the price differences. I have done that below.

The baskets rouges in the Grand magasin are much lower in price than the baskets noires in the Boutique.

The chaussettes roses and blanches, in the Boutique are more expensive than the chaussettes noires and violettes in the Grand magasin.

The tee-shirts vert and bleu in the Grand magasin are less expensive than the tee-shirts noir and blanc in the Boutique.

The chemise marron in the Boutique is much higher in price than the chemise violette in the Grand magasin.

The jean bleu in the Grand magasin is much cheaper than the jean bleu in the Boutique.

Un pull, une chemise are not available in the Boutique. Un blouson is not available in the Grand magasin.

Second part-make a list of what you are going to buy at each one. In the column Au grand magasin, write each item along with its color and price. Do the same in the column À la boutique. Finaly, total each column and make sure the combined amount doesn't exceed 100 euros.

Au grand magasin
-un tee-shirt bleu-7,62€
-un pull gris-18,14€

À la boutique
-un blouson jaune-64,79€
-des chaussettes roses-6,86€

Total=97, 41€

please make any corrections

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