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principal parts of hold,swell,hear,win
one complete sentance for each expression to show clearly how it differ in meaning from the expression in the ggoup

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    All of the words you listed can be used as verbs, but "hold" and "win" can also be nouns and "swell" can also be an adjective or noun. I don't know what you mean by "principal parts" of the words.

    Try constructing sentences with these words yourself and we will correct your grammar as needed.

    Wherever I go, I hear people talking on cell phones. The Lakers did not win last night. etc.

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    After teaching ESL for a few years, I managed to find a way to teach kids to write sentences. Most people simply don't think about this.

    Start with the verb. Most people start with the subject when they try to write a sentence then get stuck, but start with the verb.

    Once you figured out the verb, ask "Who (verb)?" There's your subject.

    Then you can ask (Subject) (Verb) What? (Direct object).

    If you need an indirect object, you can ask, "To whom?" or "To what?"

    Then you can ask, "When, Why, How, With whom? How often?" or any other question.

    Here's an example using one of your words:


    Question: Who hears?
    Matt hears.

    Matt hears ... what?
    Matt hears the music.

    Matt hears music...where?
    Matt hears music at home.

    Matt hears music at home...why?
    Matt hears music at home because his neighbor's stereo is too loud.

    I took one word and made an 11 word sentence. My students used to hate getting assigned writing sentences. Now they just don't care if they do.

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