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Monique made a scale drawing of her triangular vegetable garden. Two sides of te garden are 7m and 9m. The angle between these sides is 75 degrees. Monique's drawing was a triangle with side lengths 14.0cm and 18.0cm, with an angle of 75 degrees between them. She drew the third side, then measuired it. It was 19.7cm long. What is the length of the third side of the vegetable garden?

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    you have 2 similar triangles
    the ratio of the numerical values of corresponding sides of the scale model to the actual garden is 2:1
    Since the side in the scale model is 19.7 cm, the side in the garden would have to be 9.85 or 9.9 m.

    (actually we could have just used the cosine law to find the third side of the garden
    x^2 = 7^2 + 9^2 - 2(7)(9)cos 75ยบ
    x^2 = 97.3888
    x = √97.3888 = 9.87 or 9.9 m )

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    A triangle has side lenghts of 27 inches,54 inches and 72 inches.Wich list shows the side lenghths of a simillar triangle ?? A.3inches,6inches,8inches B.9inches,36inches,45inches C.9inches,18inches,16inches D.18inches,27inches,54inches

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