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You and two of your friends are working part-time for your father in his construction business. Your job is to assist the brick masons while they finish the front of a new office building. They are working from a scaffold which often has to be moved. Your job is to secure the bracing on the scaffold each time it is moved so that it is sturdy. This job gets boring and pretty soon you are thinking of plans for the evening and the shopping you will do with your paycheck. Suddenly it's time for lunch and the brickmasons have just finished moving the scaffold over again. They ask you to secure the bracing before you leave for lunch. Your friends are yelling at you to hurry up, and you have the bracing on one side already secured. You leave without getting the rear bracing and plan to do that as soon as you return from lunch.

How would dependability be important to the outcome?
-Dependability is the trait of being reliable and worthy of reliance or trust. It would be very important to this outcome because if you were dependable, you would secure both bracing before going to lunch. Thus creating a safer work environment.

Does my response answer the question? And if there are any suggestions regarding my answer, don't hesitate to reply.

Thank you very much.

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    You're right, but I suggest you go into more detail. What could be a tragic result of this irresponsiblity?

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