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[(a^2-16b^2)/(2a-8b)] divided by [4a+16b)/(8a+24b)]

Please Help!!!! Thanks.

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    [(a^2-16b^2)/(2a-8b)] divided by [4a+16b)/(8a+24b)]
    can be written as:
    The division sign can be changed to a multiplication if we invert the denominator to get:
    which readily simplifies to two terms in the numerator and two terms in the denominator:
    [(a^2-16b^2)*(8a+24b)] / [(2a-8b)*(4a+16b)]

    Factorize terms in the numerator:
    (a^2-16b^2) = (a+4b)(a-4b)
    (8a+24b) = 8(a+3b)

    Factorize terms in the denominator:
    (2a-8b) = 2(a-4b)
    (4a+16b) = 4(a+4b)

    Since most terms cancel out in the numberator and denominator, you are left with a binomial in the numerator.

    Can you take it from here?

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    Yes. thanks.

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