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Homework Help: 12th grade English

Posted by Shane on Saturday, December 26, 2009 at 12:28pm.

Can you check my essay, it is not done, but I want to see if I'm on the right track? My essay is on Hamlet and the thesis statement: "Domino effect of death"

A Chain Reaction of Death

In Hamlet, death is seen throughout the play, and is one of the primary themes. It was the death of Hamlet’s father and knowing he was murdered which causes Hamlet to seek revenge. As a result, this initiates one killing after another, thus starting a chain reaction. The reason each killing occurs is because most of the characters are hiding something. It is the secrecy that triggers the actions in the play. Because some of the characters were hiding something it resulted in one murder after another, demonstrating the domino effect.

At first, Polonius was hiding behind the curtains and this concealment resulted in his death and thus initiating the chain reaction. It was Hamlet’s action that resulted in Polonius being stabbed to death by him. “I took thee for thy better. Take thy fortune.”(3.4.33) Hamlet shows no regret for his actions, and clearly proving that secrecy does lead to actions, as hiding behind the curtains cost Polonius his life. His death was the start of the domino effect and set the stage for more deaths to come.

After Polonius was killed, the chain reaction led to the death of Ophelia, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern. Because Polonius was dead, Ophelia went insane and consequently committed suicide. The death of Polonius also led to the death of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, since Claudius sends them with Hamlet to England, so Hamlet could be killed. This order was reversed by Hamlet and as a result Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were killed instead. Because the two were deceptive and disloyal to their friend, Hamlet chooses to kill them, thus proving again that deception triggered action in the play. As a result of their death, more planning required killing Hamlet and thus the chain reaction continues, in which more deaths were to come.

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