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Posted by Heart on Friday, December 25, 2009 at 8:42pm.

A 0.200 kg plastic ball moves with a velocity of 0.30 m/s. It collides with a second plastic ball of mass 0.100 kg, which is moving along the same line at a speed of 0.10 m/s. After the collision, both balls continue moving in the same, original direction. The speed of the 0.100 kg ball is 0.26 m/s. What is the new velocity of the 0.200 kg ball?


plastic ball m = 0.200 kg
v = 0.30 m/s

m = 0.100 kg
v = 0.10 m/s

I know the mass doesn't change but the velocity changed for the second ball which is 0.26 m/s. Is this one of those problems with before colliding and after colliding.

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