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Posted by Priscilla on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 7:54pm.

I'm writing a DBQ Essay on Civil War and Reconstruction. The major question is What led the Southern states to secede from the Union in 1860 and 1861? My question is can i include as a thesis to state the civil war has negative effects than positive effects on the economy and people.

Ok, here is my intro.

Thousands of people in the major war of history which is the Civil War had died due to states rights. Southern States believed that they had the right to determine their own priorities and this led to secession. They didn’t want to be controlled or ruled by the Northerners who also opposed slavery. A main part of Southern’s economy was based on slavery, agricultural and labor. Therefore, they felt the Northerners were dictators and taking away their rights. As a result, Abraham Lincoln believed the priorities of the states were less important than the priorities of the nation. His point of view was unity is the best way to rule a nation so it can survive but there were many differences between the North and the South. Many compromises would have to be made in order to satisfy both the North and South but sooner or later the nation won’t be able to handle it and a crisis will begin and the whole nation will corrupt. Although there were more negative effects than positive effects which prove how slavery will take a long time to end due to the southern states desiring slavery to boost their economy which would lead to secession.

I want to add more but how does this sound? Should i fix anything about it?

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