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For this problem use the Uniform circular motion mode of the simulation.
(a) Given the limits on the sliders in the simulation, what is the maximum possible speed that can be achieved in "Uniform circular motion" mode?
.25 m/s
For the remaining parts of this question use the following settings in "Uniform circular motion" mode. The initial angular velocity is 4.50 rad/s and the radius is 1.00 cm.
(b) What is the period of the circular motion?\

need help part b thanks!

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    period=2PI/angular velocity

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    Ok you solved part a, good job.

    But the best thing to do is to write down the given because it helps a lot especially for me.

    AV = 4.50 rad/s
    r = 1 cm

    For part b question, when your taking about the period? Do you mean T = 1/f but there's no frequency and that's a different topic the one im talking about.

    Do you have any equation there you can use?

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