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How can I draw the truth table for the following? :

((non p) ,(non q)) and non (p or q)

and, what can you conclude from these tables?

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    Ok make the chart for it but I will help you if you can give the exact problem and use ~ for non p

    For ex.


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    p ~p
    T F
    F T

    q ~q
    T F
    F T

    p q (p∨q) ~(p∨q)
    T T T F
    T F T F
    F T T F
    F F F T

    Note: ~(p∨q) = ~p ∧ ~q

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    Ok, fine ill try with this.

    P Q ~P ~Q P v Q ~P v ~Q
    T T F F T F
    T F F T F F
    F T T F F F
    F F T T F T

    When doing column three, look at column 1.

    When doing column four, look at column 2.

    When doing column 5, look at column 1 and 2

    When doing column 6, look at column 3 and 4.

    And follow the rules of conjunction and disjunction.

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    priscilla, stop it.

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