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Homework Help: Algebra 1A

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b.Between the years 1975 and 2000, do women or men have the greater life expectancy?

c.Explain using slope: is the life expectancy of men or women increasing more rapidly?
2.Using the given equations above for the life expectancy of men and women, write an inequality to determine the birth years where the life expectancy of men is greater than that of women.

3.Solve the inequality from question 2. Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

4.a.Write an inequality to determine the birth years of women whose life expectancy is at least 85.

b.Solve the inequality in question 4.

6.The consumption of cigarettes is declining. If t represents the number of years since 1985, then the consumption, C, is modeled by

where C represents the number of billions of cigarettes smoked per year.

a.Write an inequality to show the first year cigarette consumption is less than 200 billion cigarettes a year.

b.Solve the inequality from part a.

7.The sign on the elevator in a seven-story building states that the maximum weight it can carry is 1500 pounds. As part of your work-study program, you need to move a large shipment of books to the sixth floor. Each box weighs 60 pounds.

a.Let n represent the number of boxes placed in the elevator. You weigh 185 pounds. Write an expression that represents the total weight in the elevator.

b.Using the expression in part a, write an inequality that can be used to determine the maximum number of boxes that you can place in the elevator at one time and solve.

I need help with these questions

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