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The Identity Function
The Squaring Function
The Cubing Function
The Reciprocal Function
The Square Root Function
The Exponential Functional Lo
The Natural Logarithum Function
The Sine Function
The Cosine Function
The Absolute Value Function
The Greatest Integer Function
The Logistic Function

Only three of the twelve basic functions are bounded (abover and below). Which three?

Three of the twelve basic function are even. Which are they?

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    What you need to find out is what each function does, and consequently the range of each of the functions when x varies in the range (-∞infin;).

    For your information, the identity function is f(x) = x, thus when x=∞ f(x)=∞ also.
    You already know about the sine(x) and cosine(x) functions from trigonometry.
    The description of the logistic function can be found here:
    The reciprocal function has a vertical asymptote at x=0.

    If you have problems locating the three functions, post your thinking.

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