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Posted by ucxdx on Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 2:24pm.

can you review this for me? please

Public School to Home school

A lot of parents are concerned about their child’s education. Some people think that sending their children to public school is best, while others prefer homeschooling. I will mention the positive and negative points of both of them. Let’s start with public school.
First of all public school is free of charge witch is easier for parents who can’t afford to pay for their child’s education. Another good thing about public school is that most of them have professionally trained teachers. Also public schools are well disciplined and they give your child an opportunity to socialize and try out for sports while home schooling doesn’t.
Now I will mention some of the positive sides of home schooling your child. Mainly it is easier for the child and the parent to school at home. In addition if some parents can not manage to pay for home schooling a lot of them are free. Some parents complain that their child won’t get a good education if they are home schooled, but most children who are home schooled turn out with better results than kids who aren’t. Another thing is that a few religions have some restrictions such as the separation of the opposite gender, with home schooling your child can work at home and still get the education he or her needs to live a good life.
In conclusion I have skimmed through both of the different choices of schooling. Though I was not able to mention everything about them I have stated some of the main points of each one. Witch one is superior to the other will remain an opinion, but we can still give our opinions.

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