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2. Determine the amplitude of:
y= cos x

3. Determine the domain of:
y= 4 sin x

4. Determine the range of:
y= - sin x

5. Determine the period of:
y= 3 sin ðx

6. Determine the phase shift of:
y= 3 cos (2x -1)

7. Solve the following equation for indicated value of x:
y= 4 sin x; for x = ð

8. Solve the following equation for the indicated value of x
y= - cos x ; for x= 4ð

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    Most of these questions can be answered by the definition of the general trigonometric functions:
    y = a sin A(x-φ)
    a is the amplitude
    2π/A = period
    φ = phase shift.

    If you can transform the trigonometric functions into the above form and evaluate the values of a, A, and φ, the answers would become apparent.

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