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critical thinking

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• How does the writing process you read about in this class differ from the process you have used in the past?
• Which step in the writing process is easiest for you to complete? Which step is the most difficult?
• How might you overcome this obstacle to become a more effective writer?

  • critical thinking -

    What is the process you have studied?


  • critical thinking -

    we are talking about the different between claims and value judgment and a non-judgment. For example; Meat grilled over hickory coals tastes better than meat grilled over mesquite?

  • critical thinking -

    We are talking about the different between claims and value judgment and a non-judgment: My questions.

    2.There is less automobile emission in Cleveland than there was five years ago because of the Clean Air Bill passed several years ago?
    3.there are fewer hydrocarbons in the air in Cleveland than there were five years ago?
    4. Using torture to exact information from prisoners is immoral?
    5. Hurting Bader's feelings on purpose is worse than hurting them by accident?
    6. I could live quite comfortably in New York City on forty thousand dollars a year?
    7.Theater popcorn contains more than the recommended Daily Allowance of saturated fat?
    8.Roger Ebert: "Spike Lee's latest movie is terrific?
    9. Roger Ebert, the movie critic, gave Spike Lee's latest movie a "thumbs up,"
    which is the best rating he gives?

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