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AP Physics B

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The position of a 20 g oscillating mass is given by x(t) = (2.0 cm) cos(2t), where t is in seconds. Determine the following.

The Amplitude (cm.)
The Period (s.)
The Spring Constant (N/m)
The maximum speed (cm/s)
The total energy (J)
The velocity at t=0.40 s. (cm/s)

I need your help, please help me guys. Thanks!

  • AP Physics B - ,

    Well, all this is level one definition work. What is it you don't understand?

  • AP Physics B - ,

    i figured out the amplitude and the period, i just don't kno how to get to the other 4 with using simple harmonic motion equations

  • AP Physics B - ,

    spring constant:

    Period=2PI sqrt (m/k)

    max speed= 2*2

    energy= 1/2 k x^2

    velocity= 2*2 sin2t

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    can u give me these in numbers please, i don't understand what formulas u wrote and what some of the stuff in ur formulas are

  • AP Physics B - ,

    Then you are in great trouble in Physics B. You need to review periodic motion in your text.

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    how do yo find the spring constant?

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